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Miss California: America’s Next Top Bigot

May 2, 2009


When I first heard about the debacle at the Miss USA Pageant, I was of the opinion that it was all just too ridiculous to take seriously. Just like Dan Savage from Seattle’s The Stranger said: “I couldn’t have been the only person in America who was unaware that the Miss USA Pageant had happened, or was happening, or was still in existence, until this incident occurred.” But in the days and weeks that followed, the event has turned into a major media spectacle, and with the announcement that Miss California Carrie Prejean is officially working with the National Organization of Marriage, it is now abundantly clear that not only is she not disappearing along with all the other disgraced beauty queens, she is actually going to continue being a public icon of ignorance and intolerance.

My first thought upon hearing of her new role was how could this woman, who has no qualms getting a free set of implants from the pageant organization and can’t even articulate herself in a marginally intelligent way, possibly be considered a role model for anything? The only value she holds for NOW is to be a pretty face intended to distract from their underlying message of hate and inequality. The only thing more ridiculous than organization’s entire aim is the fact that they are making a silly, inconsequential person out be such a martyr for sacrificing a title from a beauty pageant for her “convictions”. Fortunately, anyone with functional cognitive ability will be able to recognize her for what she really is – an utter failure of modernity and feminism in every possible way. The blog at said it best:

It’s not “religious persecution” to say that someone is a bigot for having bigoted views. It’s not “religious persecution” to argue that those who want to deny basic civil rights based on sexual orientation are bigots. It would be persecution to, for example, pass a law stating that a consenting Christian adult wasn’t allowed to marry another consenting Christian adult because of his or her faith, or to criminalize consensual sex between adult Christians. That’s persecution. Not, “I didn’t win a beauty pageant and then Perez Hilton called me a bitch.”

I find it very telling that those defending her remarks are putting all their weight behind the argument that she is entitled to speak out on her own personal beliefs and that she was unfairly attacked for having them. Sorry to break it to you, but when you become the spokesmodel for the National Organization for Marriage and work with them to create an ad campaigning against equal rights, it is no longer your own personal belief – it becomes an act of hate and oppression that is imposed on the public. It also speaks volumes that the people supporting her right to infringe on civil rights just happen to hold the same beliefs that she does. I’d like to know what makes her opinion that gay couples should be considered sub-citizens any more valid than Perez Hilton’s opinion that she is indeed a “dumb bitch”. In fact, the most importance distinction here is that Prejean is advocating against gay couples’ rights to marriage, whereas Hilton is simply calling her out for being a bitch rather than trying to take away her right to be one.